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ITS Australia Summit 2023
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Adele Beachley

Executive Director - SCATS Transport for NSW


Professional Bio

Adele Beachley serves as the Executive Director of Sydney Co-ordinated Adaptive Traffic Systems (SCATS) within the Customer Strategy and Technology Division. With extensive experience in the telecommunications, aeronautical, maritime, satellite, and mobility industries, she has emerged as a proficient leader in technology and business development. Adele has successfully navigated complex global organizations, guiding them towards growth and scalability to achieve recognition as global technology leaders. Her expertise lies in the deployment and utilization of technology, RFID, mobility, and analytics within the transport, logistics, and supply chain sectors.

In recent years, Adele has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, focusing on innovation and the creation of products and workflow applications centered around computer vision, object detection, and machine learning. These solutions aim to empower frontline workers through their smartphones. Beyond her professional pursuits, Adele demonstrates a profound sense of purpose and community. She actively contributes as a volunteer board advisor for a grassroots non-profit organization that leverages technology and innovation to save lives, alleviate poverty, and address humanitarian crises. Additionally, she possesses a passion for beekeeping, wellness, brain health, and longevity. In January 2022, leveraging her strong commercial background, Adele joined Transport for NSW to lead the SCATS business and drive its future endeavours.

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